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In the damp rainy season, the body becomes unable to perspire well.
An important point for passing the summer comfortably is to become capable of perspiring fluid, good-feeling perspiration.

People who cannot perspire well even though it is summer, tend to feel disorders such as difficulty in breathing, bloating, or feel heaviness in the stomach. For those who do not perspire at all in daily life (for example, due to being in an air-conditioned environment), I recommend using a steamed towel at the back of the head. Raise your chin and relax such that tension in the body is released, and place a steamed towel on the base of the back of the head (medulla oblongata).
Sticky perspiration will be expelled. Then, as fluid, good-feeling perspiration comes out, you will feel refreshed.

Please welcome a pleasant summer by making a point to maintain the body daily, and taking care to feel and treasure the sensations of the body in its natural state.

12 month Seitai practices for excessive sensitivity to coldness”
You can recover your health
by simple practices by yourself.
“Seitai Method of Self-healing for Women
--Regaining the Natural Body”
“Seitai Method of the Woman's Body”
Media Factory, 2012
Sony Magazines, 2007 Nanatsumori Shokan, 2003

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The following is the book I recommend most strongly now. 
I recommend it as a must-read book.

The Road to a Nation for International Peace and the Environment
by Shohei Nomura (Mamizu-Shuppan, 2008)


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