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Here, at Mt. Akagi (650 m elevation) in thelatter part of April, the mountain cherry trees blossom a light pink color and the singing of the Japanese bush warbler echoes in the forest.
Every year, for about one month, we enjoy viewing the scenery as the cherry trees blossom gradually, starting from the town and working their way up the mountains.
When the cherry tree at the temple near our rice paddies is in full bloom, we prepare the soil in the paddies and start sowing the rice. Field horsetail,Japanese parsley, and daylily show their faces along the dikes of the rice paddies.
It is only at this time of the year, that we can enjoy these spring wild grasses.
These grasses can be deep-fried as tempura,or boiled and eaten with a light dressing such as miso-vinegar dressing.
The spring breeze comes to our dining table, and we can feel the visit of the spring season.
By eating field grasses in spring, the body's detoxification ability is enhanced.
Spread your chest wide open like the cherry blossoms, and make it a point to be able to breathe in a lot of air.
When the body and heart open, you will be able to enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms even more.
In spring, the tends to rise up, and it is a time when the nerves tend to become over-sensitive.Make an effort to stretch the lumbar region (lower back, waist and hip area) so that the lower back and buttocks form a smooth curve, and breathe unhurriedly with your lower abdomen.Spread your fingers and toes wide. Plant your feet firmly on the earth, and grasp the earth with the 3 key points of bottom of the feet.Focus on breathing evenly.
Please enjoy the bountiful springtime.

12 month Seitai practices for excessive sensitivity to coldness”
You can recover your health
by simple practices by yourself.
“Seitai Method of Self-healing for Women
--Regaining the Natural Body”
“Seitai Method of the Woman's Body”
Media Factory, 2012
Sony Magazines, 2007 Nanatsumori Shokan, 2003

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