Fifteen to thirty participants ranging from young people in their 20's to those who have grandchildren come to the introductory seminars. First, the instructor, Mutsuko Nomura, explains in detail the fundamental way of thinking about maintaining health based on Haruchika Noguchi's seitai. Then, actual practice of techniques for taking care of the body in each season is conducted.

The participants strongly desire, "I want to cure my own body", "I want to take care of my family", "I want to live in a way that follows nature". However, because of their work and worries, many people live a lifestyle far from that in which one can hear the voice of one's own body and which follows nature.

As we do actual practice at the seminars under Mutsuko Nomura's guidance, each person unconsciously begins to relieve the tension in the body. Participants raise their arms and draw the shoulder blades together, cannot stop yawning, and the body moves with a pleasant feeling in the direction of order. These are movements of the body to recover, for example, from biases from fatigue. Participants feel like stretching the arms fully without reservation and opening their chest wide and breathing, and encounter the innate voice from deep within the body. They come to understand the way their body is composed and how to order the body.

First time participants are surprised at the great changes, but as they realize they have within themselves, the inherent forces toward ordering the body, they deepen their faith in their body. Those who participate on a continuous basis come to understand and deal with the habitual ways they use their body. The person listens to the voice of his or her body, gives full play to his or her innate particular features, and becomes able to live in accordance with nature.

Impressions of first-time seminar participants

Thank you very much for the wonderful passionate lecture. I appreciate you examining everyone's bodies so carefully. Your lecture and each word were full of warmth and easy-to-understand, but also very profound. I realized that everything is connected-from the person's body and mind, to environmental problems, current happenings in society, and world affairs. In particular, the importance of nurturing the ability to sense, think and make judgments with one's own head and body, and the greatness of the fact that the power of nature is provided bountifully within our bodies and in the Earth left lasting impressions. Regarding the techniques, I could only think they were amazing. But, I was able to actually experience and see what sensei was saying in her lecture. The real meaning of "seitai" (the ordered body) was completely different from our ordinary usage of the word. Everyone has a "body that becomes ordered." Before, I read books but could not understand at all what was meant by "taiheki" (body type) and relieving tension in the thoracic vertebrae.
First, I would like to know my body better. There are so many things I don't know, and I would appreciate your teaching me. (Ms. Y.)

I am greatly indebted. I had not been able to relieve the tension in my neck, my head was hard as a rock, and my breathing was shallow. By sensei showing me a posture to improve the flow of ki, I felt a little relief and was able to relax. I have also started using a steamed towel on the back of my head. (Ms. A.)

After participating in a one-day seminar, I was surprised at the profoundness and incredibleness of the mind and body. I realized anew various things about the mind and body. I felt that after coming here, the dance and voice lessons I took in the past have been connected directly as one straight line. (Ms. M.)

"I was surprised at how my body was refreshed and became ordered after participating in the seminar. At home, I have also been taking quiet time to listen to the real desires of my body."              

"Until now, I thought childbirth was scary, but after I learned that the body works in accordance with the great powers of nature, a feeling of reassurance arose that we can simply leave everything to that power. I look forward to childbirth after hearing that it is an opportunity for a woman to become beautiful."

After studying on a continuous basis at Seitai Life School

University professor (male, 40's)
It has been five years since my wife and I have studied at Seitai Life School. At first, we wanted to heal our bodies. Before, I had stiffness of the shoulders, headaches, gastritis, empyema, lower back pains, and various chronic ailments. As we did yuki on each other and katsugen, these ailments gradually disappeared. Now, we don't rely on hospitals or medicine. If there is pain, I naturally lay my hand on that area and order my body. We started seitai with the objective of healing our bodies, but gradually, we began to realize and feel that the mind and body are one. If the mind carries ill feelings or stress, since the body is obedient, right away, a disorder arises in the body. Dealing with the mind as well became an important theme. During these five years, we also participated in seminars that question the mind, including a seminar on the subconscious, a seminar for self-realization, and a seminar for peace. Through these seminars, problems such as complexes, jealousy or envy, egoism, and ill feelings we had been carrying toward our parents gradually were resolved.
Further, through yuki (laying on of the hands) where we use the hand to call to the partner's body, my relationships changed. By doing yuki on my wife, children and parents I naturally came to understand the importance of connecting with people. Using my hands and using my heart were influential in letting me become able to see more than just my work. Recently, my wife gave birth at home for the second time. Before childbirth, my wife ordered her lumbar region, which is central to the woman's body. She began breathing in mind and body in accordance with nature's laws. She did not have morning sickness and had almost no labor pains. She had a premonition that the child was ready to be born, and we went into the room together. I did yuki from behind, matching my wife's breathing. Our child descended naturally, following my wife's deep, relaxed breathing. When the midwife arrived, we could already see the baby's head. The midwife guided us, and with one more breath, the baby came out smoothly, and was cradled in my wife's hands. I learned various things through practicing seitai. My knowledge and skills increased, but right now, this is what I feel-simply, if the body and mind are properly centered, the path will open naturally.
                                     University professor (female, 40's; also involved in actual practice of environmental education)
"For the past few years, as I observe the female university students, there are so many students who have lost balance in mind and body; they suffer from severe menstrual pains that make them bedridden, have irregular menstruation, sensitivity to chills, etc. Last year, I used "Seitai Method for the Woman's Body" as the topic for my seminar class and did actual practice such as ankle rotations with the students. Everyone was surprised at the very good results obtained through just this method, such as reduction in pain."

"This book clearly describes how the monthly period is not something that is bothersome, but rather the monthly period is very important such as for cleansing the uterus. My own view of my menstrual period changed significantly. I thought the sensitivity of my body was out of reach, but it has gradually recovered, and I have experienced that the flow of my whole body also changes with connectedness. I realized how I was living life in a way far from the world of nature. Further, by learning the changes in the body in the four seasons, and methods to maintain the body in each season, through my body, I have become able to sense the environment and the abundance of nature."

"From the deluge of sex, there is an ethos that considering life lightly, and women giving themselves away wastefully are commonplace. In modern life, a lifestyle apart from nature, families are fragmented, lifestyles are fragmented, and the body is fragmented. It is important to properly convey this in the family from mother to daughter, and at school in classes. I think it is very important for women to regain the resiliency of their bodies, and to foster from a young age, the attitude that they are giving birth to and raising the children of the future."

Editor, natural foods related magazine company (female, 30's)
Every month, I was bedridden for 2 to 3 days from severe menstrual pains. I practiced ankle rotations, and now I am pregnant. Everything is going smoothly, and I have no morning sickness.  

Participant of seitai seminars for six months (female, 30's)
Before, I had a lifestyle where my work involving long hours of using a PC was very trying. I always had migraine headaches and swelling from biases in my body. I disliked moving my body, felt heavy, and everyday after coming home, all I could do was sleep. I read "Seitai Method for the Woman's Body", participated in the seminars, did ankle rotations and let my body follow the movements to order the body that arise from inside the body. I also diligently dealt with the changes of my body in each season. Then, I was able to welcome this pregnancy. I have absolutely no morning sickness, and I enjoy talking to the baby in my stomach and taking a walk everyday with a feeling of abundance.

Company employee (female, 20's)
Before finding this book, I had severe menstrual pains and about half of each month, I felt gloomy and tended to withdraw since I didn't like to meet with people. After I started ankle rotations, the next menstrual period was unbelievably comfortable, and I was really surprised. I could feel that my body was connected as a whole. When I introduced the book to my relatives, they had good results and were very happy.

Company employee, researcher (female, 20's)
I read "Seitai Method for the Woman's Body" and participated in a seminar. I had extreme sensitivity to chills, and at first my hip joint and lumbar region did not move well. Since the air conditioning started from mid-May, I have been taking a foot bath and using a steamed towel on the back of my head. I have become able to breath more deeply than before, and as a consequence, I feel a desire has arisen from inside that I want to do something. Also, a feeling that my body stretches to each toe of my feet has arisen.

Company employee (female, 20's)
I have participated in the seminars 3 times and have been practicing at home too. I have gradually become able to breathe more deeply, and at work, I have become more settled and calm emotionally. Before, with shallow breathing, I think I was living in a cowering way. I want to be able to sense nature more.

Other comments

Female, 60's
It has been six months since I read "Seitai Method for the Woman's Body" last year and started participating in the seitai seminars. For many years, I had suffered from severe sensitivity to the cold, but this winter, since I continued to do the foot bath and other methods, I didn't have sensitivity to the cold at all, my body became strong, and people around me say that my face color has improved.

Mid-wife, 30's
There are many people who only have the feeling of the body as being fragmented. There has been a great increase in the number of young women who upset the balance of their mind and body by leaving to others the responsibilities of their pregnancy and childbirth, pass through the process after childbirth poorly, and cannot raise their children well. It has become an age in which it is very important for women to know their bodies.

Dance instructor, previously a healthcare teacher in high school
I was moved by the expression that the menstrual period is a cleansing of the body. I think it is a very good and necessary book for young people. I think it is truly very important to properly convey to youth in puberty the meaning of the menstrual period and way of passing the time during menstruation.

High school physical education teacher (male, 30's)
At school, I teach a class on healthcare. After reading "Seitai Method for the Woman's Body," I thought I would like this kind of book for our school education curriculum. I was surprised to hear that recently there are many young mothers who cannot hug their own baby. This is an easy-to-understand book for proper preparation and education before becoming a mother.